Within Concrete Monsters

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Zohar Zahira

Zohar was born and raised in Nazareth by parents belonging to different religions. Despite their differences, they voted Likud for as long as Zohar could remember, and when Zohar first participated in an election herself, she trusted her parents' choices.
But on her way to the polling booth, Zohar encountered two people, each on their own. One was an old woman with a number tattoo, raiding a dumpster for returnable bottles. She looked like she needed every Agora. Why was a Holocaust survivor dumpster-diving under Bibi Netanyahu, the man who keeps referring to those horrific years in his alleged endeavour to defend the Jewish people? The other person was a young woman, obviously a regular at a beauty salon, crowing into her mobile something about how Arabs should all just be killed, and that she will always vote for a rightwing party to this end. That day, Zohar's vote went left.

Zohar works as a lab assistant, though her main interest lies in fine arts and poetry. She enjoys playing the guitar to stray cats. She is also a fan of Ahed Tamimi and Pussy Riot. 

In the future, she hopes to be more politically involved and help bring about much needed change to the Mideast conflict.

Zohar wishes to preserve her individual peace, which is why she uses a pen name and a cartoon drawing to represent her online and as the author of Concrete Monsters.