Within Concrete Monsters

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Nadir Khoury
23 at the beginning of the story

Name means "deeply loved" in Arabic. Born to an influential, loving Christian Arab family, Nadir has grown up relatively sheltered, though aware of his people's position in Israel. Holds a nursing diploma and speaks four languages, but has a concentration span of 0 to potato. He fills his spare time with outdoor activities, reading, music, and teasing his little sister. Known as a prankster and deeply loved for his warm, humorous soul, while also short-fused and blessed with poor coping skills. Has a hand-reared cat named Yucky. His secret inner geek knows more about video games, sci-fi, and superheroes than he lets on. Scared of deep waters and large dogs.

Nasreen Khoury

15 at the beginning of the story

Nasreen is Nadir's beloved little sister. Spending most of her time worrying about her figure and doting on her brother, her performance at school and lack of interest in boys worry her family. She loves Yehuda Levi and before the ghettos, spent lots of her spare time on her smartphone or reading celebrity and fashion magazines. 

Post-ghetto, she has few hobbies and her psychological issues threaten to get out of control. Nadir is the only person who seems to understand her, but he is also an aggravating factor. While sweet and caring, she has few friends and seems to be very lonely. She can be very headstrong and tactless and will throw a tantrum to get her way.

Orli Ben Ami

29 at the beginning of the story

Before she followed Nadir into the ghetto, Orli studied psychology at Haifa University and enjoyed the relative luxury of Israel's upper middle class. With her parents as the only family in Israel, and often othered for her ethnicity, she has always had few meaningful connections. 
Orli is smart and pragmatic, and her down-to-earth, collected demeanor helps keep Nadir under control. Less naive than her husband, she has more life experience and sometimes accidentally patronizes him. On the other hand, Nadir is the only thing that can draw out her emotional side and even cause impulsive decisions, for better or for worse.

Ameer Darwish

22 at the beginning of the story

As per family tradition, Ameer wanted to be a doctor. His studies were cut short by the wall.  Demoted to go-to drug dealer, Ameer himself enjoys regular substance abuse, but does take rigorous care of his appearance and fitness.

A Muslim by birth, he takes to drinking in excess, chewing on pork chops, and blaspheming indiscriminately behind his parents' backs. While his often callous and irresponsible behavior qualifies him as a sociopath, he has shown a deeply romantic and caring side to his loved ones. Ameer is as brave as he's intelligent, loyal, blunt to the point of cruelty, and doesn't walk away from the right fights. Or any other fights.