Within Concrete Monsters

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Anna Giladi
Cover artist, illustrator, editing & webmaster

Born in Tel Aviv, she was raised in various European countries where she studied fine arts, screenwriting and directing, and Japanese culture and language, all with a side of psychology.
Visual arts have always been a major part of her life, and she has experience in all its conceivable forms.

Not finding much joy in the somewhat subdued Europe, she eventually returned to Israel as a loud and proud Zionist. The latter didn't last.
Fun Facts

  • Anna has four cats and four dogs one of whom has 36 allergies whereas the other lacks a cerebellum
  • Speaks six languages
  • Was a gang leader and a sex worker
  • Is a certified beer drafter
  • Her grandfather was the infamous anti-Zionist activist Naeim Giladi
  • Smuggled two kittens and 270 axolotl eggs on intercontinental flights to save them
  • Got lost in a mine field and picked her own way back, and enjoyed photographing Israeli/Palestinian riots
  • Used to be an animal rights activist and vegan, but missed cheese too much
  • Still cries when Mufasa dies
  • Will be breeding Akita Inus in the near future